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The University of California Cooperative Extension-San Diego expresses their appreciation to the County of San Diego Land Use and Environment Group for their funding support of the UCCE-San Diego 2018 Growers Needs Assessment project.

Survey Development Working Group

UCCE-San Diego further acknowledges and thanks the following working group members for their support of this Growers Needs Assessment Survey.

Elly Brown, Director
San Diego Food Systems Alliance

Prem Durairaj, Director
Food Systems and Research,
Community Health Improvement Partners

Eric Larson, Executive Director
San Diego County Farm Bureau

Elle Mari, Director
Urban Food Environments
Center for Community Health


Dinna Morris, Deputy Director
Karen Melvin, Deputy Director
County of San Diego
Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures

Scott Murray, Consultant
Murray Farms

Domingo Vigil, Coordinator
County of San Diego
Food Systems Initiative

 UC Cooperative Extension Review

We appreciate and thank these UCCE Farm Advisors who provided additional review during survey development.

Dr. Laurent Ahiablame, San Diego County Director and Water Quality & Management Advisor

Cheryl Wilen Ph.D., Area Integrated Pest Management Advisor

Niamh Quinn, Human-Wildlife Interactions Advisor

Project Management

Ramiro Lobo
Farm Advisor
UC Cooperative Extension-San Diego
Principal Investigator
  Vikram Koundinya
Assistant Specialist
UC Cooperative Extension-UC Davis
Jan Gonzales
Project Coordinator
UC Cooperative Extension-San Diego
  Weiqing Xu
Student Assistant
UC Cooperative Extension-UC Davis

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