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Details about the Growers' Needs Assessment Survey and link to the on-line survey are provided below. If you have any questions, please contact Jan Gonzales at


The goal of the UC Cooperative Extension Growers' Needs Assessment survey is to obtain comprehensive information and opinions about the needs, concerns and interests of commercial farm business operations in San Diego.


Who should participate:

Owners, operators, managers and individuals with decision making responsibilities on behalf of commercial agricultural farming businesses in the San Diego County region.
This study is inclusive to all growers regardless of age, length of time farming, acreages farmed, type of farm operation, urban or rural location, et cetera.


Time required:

10-30 minutes, depending on your farming situation.


Topics covered and Instructions:

Information sought through this survey related to San Diego agricultural production systems and crops; farm business and management; marketing and sales; food systems and environment; your concerns regarding business and financial management, production, post-harvest, marketing and service and assistance programs; information sources and delivery methods; and basic demographic and client satisfaction information.

  • Please select your answers as prompted for each question.
  • If you select ‘Other’ as your response to any of the questions, please type in a brief description in the space provided.
  • Your responses will be anonymous; however, you may skip any question that you find intrusive or offensive.


Survey formats/Options:

The survey is accessible in three formats: on-line, mail-in paper survey and personal interview via phone or farm visit.

On-line – The on-line version is available on any electronic device with Internet access, including tablets and smartphones. You may access the survey at the secured link provided at the end of this page and do not need to download any special application to participate. Your responses will be encrypted and no private or personal identity information will be collected, including IP addresses.

Mail-in paper survey -  By request, you may complete the survey on a printed hard copy. Contact Jan Gonzales with your request and it will be mailed to you. A pre-addressed, postage paid return envelope will be provided for your convenience in returning your survey responses to us. Once we receive your completed survey, a project team member will enter your responses on-line for survey data compilation and analysis. Once entered, the printed copy of the survey with your responses will be destroyed.

Personal interview – If preferred, you may schedule an appointment to complete the survey through a personal interview either by phone or in-person farm visit. Once scheduled, a team member will call or meet with you to collect your survey responses. Personal contact information noted during the scheduling of your appointment will be destroyed once the appointment has been held. Please contact Jan Gonzales if you are interested in this option.

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Deadlines and Incentive gifts:

This survey has been extended and will be open through July 31, 2018.

We appreciate your time is valuable. As thank you for your assistance and timely response to this survey invitation, all participants who complete the survey will be eligible to receive a $25. VISA® card and enter our opportunity drawings. Participants completing the survey by June 22, 2018 will have the opportunity to enter a drawing for more gifts, including a $500 VISA® card. An additional drawing for a $100 VISA® card will be held after the close of the survey.   Visit this webpage for full details.


Survey results and data protection:

Survey analyses will be conducted with the data collected. Our findings and assessment will be developed into a final public report. If you would like to be informed when the report is available, subscribe to the UCCE San Diego Growers Needs Assessment email list.

Once all reporting is completed, the data will be downloaded and secured on a dedicated hard drive and secured in a locked location.

This survey has been reviewed and approved by the University of California, Davis Institutional Review Board (IRB): IRB #1250886-1.


Online Survey

Acknowledgment of Consent:

By participating in this survey, you are indicating that:

  • you are an individual with decision making responsibilities on behalf of a commercial (for profit) agricultural farming business/businesses in the San Diego County region,
  • you understand that this survey is part of a research study and your participation is voluntary,
  • you understand that you are not required to answer any question, with which you are uncomfortable,
  • you understand that you may exit the survey at any point, and that
  • you understand your responses are anonymous and will not be identified with you in any way.

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