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Bullying & Behavioral Problems

Bullying and Behavioral Problems

Who Should Attend this Satellite Conference:

  • Teachers,¬†principals, child care providers, parenting educators
  • Social workers, family support workers
  • Faith leaders
  • Future professionals (i.e., college students)
  • Counselors, psychologists, marriage and family therapists
  • Pediatricians, nurses
  • Extension staff, 4-H leaders
  • Parents
What You Will Learn:
  • What to consider when working with children and youth who have behavioral problems
  • How to select and implement effective school and community programs, services, and approaches
  • Strengths that enable children to manage fear and resist predatory peer behavior - especially bullying and other forms of intimidation
  • How courage develops: infancy through middle school
  • What to consider when selecting interventions and providers
  • How families, schools, and community agencies can collaborate to help children and youth who have behavioral problems like extreme aggressiveness, conduct disorders, and bullying
  • How to nurture integrity and courage in children and youth
  • The role of childhood resiliency in fear management

For more information about this event, click here for the Conference Brochure.

If you have questions or comments about this event, contact Sue Manglallan at 858-694-8836. 

To register, click this Conference Registration Form, fill it out, print it, and send it with your registration fee to:
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