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Creating Defensible Space Around Your Property and Hardening Your Home Is Good Practice

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Attention Southern California residents! As we head into the dry summer months, it's important to start thinking about home hardening and creating defensible space around your property. This means taking steps to protect your home from wildfires such as creating a buffer zone around your house, and maintaining your vegetation.

This year in particular, we've seen a lot of rain which has led to an overgrowth of weeds and other vegetation. While this may look lush and green now, it will quickly dry out in the hot summer months, creating the perfect fuel for wildfires.  

To protect your home, start by cleaning your roof and gutters of leaves and debris, and check if your vents are ember-resistant (non-combustible mesh screen of 1/8" or smaller). Also make sure to check other house components for fire vulnerabilities (such as a fence attached to siding, vegetation in front of windows or debris under a deck). 

Next, clear out any dead or dry vegetation around your property. This includes trimming trees and bushes, removing any dead leaves or branches, and creating a gap between any nearby shrubs or other plants. 

By taking these steps, you can help protect your home and your family from the devastating effects of wildfires. Let's work together to create a safer, more resilient Southern California!

For more information, check the additional resources, or follow tips and recommendations from our fire advisor Luca Carmignani (https://bit.ly/m/SoCalFireGuy)

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