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4-H Memos Newsletter

A monthly newsletter for San Diego County 4-H clubs

Issues Articles Type Date Added
4-H Memos January 2012 PDF 1/7/12
4-H Memos December 2011 PDF 1/7/12
4-H Memos November 2011 PDF 1/7/12
4-H Memos October 2011 PDF 10/25/11
4-H Memos September 2011 PDF 10/25/11
4-H MEMOS August 2011

Newly elected officers, Online Record Books, Area Meetings, Record Book Evaluations, San Diego County Leaders Conference, State Leaders Forum in Asilomar, Dates to Remember

PDF 8/11/11
4-H Memos July 2011

Calling all Leaders-Election Time

Steve Dasher is Retiring

Borrego Springs Garden and Healthy Food Project

Enrollment for 2011-2012

Food Safety Course info

Ready Set Go

Murphy Canyon Knitting project

Avian Bowl will represent California in Kentucky

State Leaders Forum-Asilomar, CA

Dates to remember

PDF 7/6/11
4-H Memos June 2011 PDF 8/11/11
4-H Memos May 2011 PDF 8/11/11
4-H Memos April 2011 PDF 8/11/11
4-H Memos March 2011 PDF 8/11/11
4-H Memos February 2011 PDF 8/11/11
4-H Memos January 2011 PDF 8/11/11
4-H Memos December 2010 PDF 8/11/11
4-H Memos November 2010 PDF 8/11/11
4-H Memos October 2010 PDF 8/11/11
4-H Memos September 2010 Your Position as an Officer Online Enrollment begins Calendar Photos Needed Step by Step Guides to ReEnroll Heritage Turkey Project 4-H Leaders' Forum in Asimolar Club Officer Stories Wanted Military Updates Ramona Valley 4-H Bee Project Dates to Remember PDF  
4-H Memos August 2010 County Council Newly Elected Officers Area Meetings Enrollment information Avian Bowl Teams SET updates Record Books 2010 National Science Experiment Dates to Remember PDF  
4-H Memos July 2010 Do You Have A Growth Mindset? Run for Council! Treasurer's Training Discovery Kits Realignment of Areas State Field Day participants Personal Development Reports Volunteers to enroll in August Safe Animal Contact Village at Serra Mesa-Art Exhibition Turn in your Discovery Kit Notebooks! San Marcos Wranglers hosts Horse Show Dates to Remember PDF  
4-H Memos June 2010 Thriving-What are the Indicators? Advisory Committee Proposed Guidelines Nevada Camp Conf Sportsmanship for Parents/Adults Horse Classic Results New Teen Council Elected Baby announcements Sub-Sectional Presentation Day Results ESDCJF Still Exhibits Highlights Round Robin Clinic pictures Dates to remember PDF  
4-H Memos May 2010 What's Your SPARK? Fashion Revue Winners Join the Horse Advisory Committee! Wade Colburn recognized Area Realignment Plan Committee Whites Exchange Turn in SET Discovery Kit Notebooks Shooting Sports News Escondido Dog Show Leaders Appreciation Dinner Highlights Dates to Remember PDF  
4-H Memos April 2010 Project Completion & Evaluation Meeting the Mayor Run for Teen Council! Super Saturday 2010 Shooting Sports Announcements Join 4-H Leaders Council California 4-H Photography Contest PDF  
4-H Memos March 2010 Cross Over Projects Outbound Costa Rica Exchange Shooting Sports News Agreement (4H, FFA, Grange, Fair) Area 1 & 2 Presentation Day Entry form Pictures from JLC JLC Speaks Out! What Are You Doing? Dates to Remember PDF  
4-H Memos February 2010 Super Saturday Arts & Design Day Poway 4-H has fun with Discovery Kits SET News Jamul Chaparros bakes for the Troops Area 4 Presentation Day Entry Form How to Login to County Council Meetings Cooperative Learning in 4-H Horse Classic results Poway 4-H Collects Toys for Tots Area 5 & 6 Judging Day Results San Marcos Wranglers/ Holiday Parade Dates to Remember PDF  
4-H Memos January 2010 State Record Book Winners 4-H Presentations Sub Sectional Presentation Day Fair Planning Mtg Don Diego Scholarship SET updates Area 5-6 Field Day All Stars Dates to Remember PDF  
4-H Memos December 2009 1st Annual Calendar Sale! Mastery Giving Back To The Community Lions Club Speaker Contest SET news Community Club Meetings Bird Photography Contest Dates to Remember PDF  
4-H Memos November 2009 Family Dinner & Movie Night Shooting Sports Rifle Discipline Officer Day Pictures Junior Leadership Camp Community Improvement Project Small Animal Learning Day Welcome to our Military Clubs By-Laws Committee forming Dates to Remember PDF  
4-H Memos October 2009 Celebrate National 4-H Week! 4-H Military Partnership Open House County Council Pancake Breakfast Goal Setting Junior Leadership Camp announcement Buena Vista 4-H Horticulture Project 4-H SET Historic Los Peñasquitos Adobe Ranch Dates to Remember PDF  
4-H Memos September 2009 Officer Day/4-H Military Open House Teen Council 2009 SLC picture Horse Advisory Special Announcement 15 Ways to Celebrate National 4-H Week 4-H SET Abilities State Updates Congratulations Rachel Hochstetler Online Enrollment opens September 1st Dates to Remember PDF  
4-H Memos August 2009 Newly Elected Council Officers Record Book Time Welcome to our new 4-H Program Rep Area Meetings Schedule Essential Elements-Mastery Mastery Activity Volunteer Nomination Notice from County Veterinarian Volunteering is Rewarding New Heritage Turkey Project Dates to Remember PDF  
4-H Memos June 2009 Ethical Behavior at the Fair Create a SET Video State Fair Ethics Training New Council Policy State 4-H Updates State Leadership Conference information Volunteer of the Year State Field Day results SET Activity What are You Doing? Dates to Remember PDF  
4-H Memos May 2009 Volunteers needed to serve on the Board pictures of S.E.T at Arts & Design Day Fashion Revue Winners Pictures, Winners- Arts & Design Day State Leadership Conference info Escondido Dog Show Entry Form Recognition and Belonging What Are You Doing Dates to Remember PDF  
4-H Memos April 2009 Electing Officers Sub Regional Presentation Day Winners and pictures Teen Event Jam Session Shooting Sports Buena Vista Dog Show entry application Animal Show Barns Appreciating the Differences Valley Center Homesteaders Home Arts Dates to Remember PDF  
4-H Memos March 2009 You, the 4-H Secretary Super Saturday pictures Romanian 4-H Foreign Exchange Program Getting Attention/Flying My Flag game In Loving Memory Opportunities and Announcements Arts & Design Day Flyer Olivenhain Valley Dog Project Dates to remember PDF  
4-H Memos February 2009 Arts & Design Day Area 4 Presentation Day Area 5, 6, 7 Judging Day Results Create a Design Scholarship Opportunities Co Learning Day Dog Show Competition VS Cooperation Eastern SD County Junior Fair San Diego Science Festival Here's what Jamul Chaparros are doing... Dates to Remember PDF  
4-H Memos January 2009 Planning a 4-H Presentation The Purpose of Record Books Super Saturday Booth Application The San Diego County All Star A Physically & Emotionally Safe Environment What Clubs are Doing! Dates to Remember PDF  
4-H Memos December 2008 4-H Teaches Commitment I Pledge my Hands to Larger Service Important Financial Matter 4-H Million Trees Project Statewide Dates and Activities Get Acquainted Name Game Arts & Design Day Dates to Remember PDF  
4-H Memos November 2008 Earning Your Emerald Star Step By Step Guide to Online Enrollment Belonging The Snowball Game Being a Part of the Larger Community Presentations Fun Event Calendar PDF  
4-H Memos October 2008 Welcome Letter from Terry Stark Across the Line Game See Your Own Brain! 2008-2009 State Ambassadores SLC Report 2008 National Youth Science Day Experiment Calendar PDF  
4-H Memos September 2008 Officer's Day, September 20th Livestock Projects Fall Workshop Join the Equestrian Team! A Sense of Belonging Junior Leadership Camp Shooting Sports Workshops Calendar of Events PDF  
4-H Memos August 2008 Election of Officers Shooting Sports Training Online Enrollment Icebreaker Games A Welcoming & Inclusive Environment Record Books Calendar PDF  
4-H Memos July 2008 County Council Elections/Fair Review Mtg Life Skills Area 4 Field Day Results Primary Member Program Online Registration Calendar PDF  
4-H Memos June 2008 Emerald Star Sponsorship Opportunities for SLC SET-Science, Engineering & Technology Policy Changes 4-H Calendar PDF  
4-H Memos May 2008 Meet Holly Rogers! Arts & Design Day Awards Southern Section Field Day State Horse Classic Winners Exciting Opportunity Getting Involved Presentation Day Results Sportsmanship Good Ethics Upcoming Activities PDF  
4-H Memos April 2008 Teen Council Fun Event Congratulations to our new All Stars Bio-Security and You Water Safety Food Handling Guidelines Portable Hand Washing Station Ag Loan State Leadership Conference Dates to Remember PDF  
4-H Memos March 2008 Presentations-A Guide for Members Learn by Doing Bio-Security Survey Scholarship Opportunities Barbeque Fundraiser Shooting Sports Course Dates to Remember PDF  
4-H Memos February 2008 Emerald Star All Star Special Teen Council Meeting! Leader Appreciation Brunch San Diego Fire Recovery Fund Union Bank of California Grant Dates to Remember San Diego Fire Recovery Fund Application Ready, Set, Create-Arts & Design Day PDF  
4-H Memos January 2008 Welcome letter County Vet is here to help Available Curriculum Don Diego Scholarship San Diego County Fair Super Saturday Dates to Remember PDF  
4-H Memos December 2007 Note to Fire Victims Orion's Song Choices Jr. Leadership Camp Erosion Control Assistance 4-H Calendar Coloring Contest PDF  
4-H Memos November, 2007 The Challenge Make Time to Listen Take Time to Talk New Resources Tie & Ride Title Junior Leadership Camp Calendar JLC Application PDF  
4-H MEMOS October, 2007 Shooting Sports, Be A 4-H Volunteer, Experiential Learning, 4-H Games at Club Meetings, 4-H Calendar PDF  
4-H Memos September 2007 Nationals, Large Animal Advisory, Emerald Star, Working with Teens, National 4-H Conference, Area 2 Ag Judging Day, County 4-H Equestrian Team, 4-H Calendar PDF  
4-H Memos June, 2007 Become a Club Officer SD County Leaders Mtg County Council Elections Horse Scholarship Application Advisory Committees Capt. Planet Foundation Lost 4-H Hat 4-H Calendar 10 PDF  
4-H Memos May, 2007 San Diego County Code of Conduct, Human Beings are Social, Selecting & Using Backpacks, Developing Sportsmanship, A Few More to Serve, Lost 4-H Hat, Missing Dog Ring, National 4-H Conference, 4-H Calendar PDF  
4-H Memos April, 2007 4-H Exchange Programs, 4-H California Style, 4-H Shooting Sports-Archery, Art & Design Day, 4-H All Stars, East County Fair Dog Show, 4-H Calendar PDF  
March 2007 4-H Presentation Day; Japanese Exchange Program; 4-H Shooting Sports; Art & Design Day; SD County Fair; Fallbrook Emerald Star; Bulletins; Calendar PDF  
February 2007 Art and Design Day; JLC Survey; County Learning Day Entry; and more... PDF  
November/December 2006 Reminders; Art and Design Day; Area 4 Judging Day; and more... PDF  
October 2006 Teen Writers; Volunteer Patrols; Wilderness Camping Project; and much more... PDF  
September 2006 New Fair Policy; Congressional Award; Jr. Leadership Camp; and much more... PDF  
August 2006 New Policy Development; Record Book Information; 4-H Bulletins; and much more... PDF  
June 2006 Conduct During Competition; Bill of Rights; Youth Garden Grant program; Ramona Jr. Fair Scholarship; and more.... PDF  
May 2006 Art and Design Day Winners; 4-H Tips; Field Day Entry Forms PDF  
April 2006 Group Game of the Month; Wildfire Regrowth Project; Jokes of the Month, Horse Advisory Notice; 4-H Judging Day Entry Form PDF  
March 2006 Essay Contests; Jr. Livestock Scholarship; Photo Contest; Color Clover Contest PDF  
February 2006 All Star Selection; Planning a Presentation; Free Sewing Machine; Tractor Restoration; Livestock Information; National Ag Day; 4-H Japanese Exchange; Art & Design Day; and much more... PDF  
January 2006 Art and Design Day, 2006 Japanese Exchange, Congressional Award, and much more... PDF  
November/December 2005 Fire Study, Stitchers, Leaders Council Budget, Record Book Winners, Archery Instructor Training, and much more... PDF  
October 2005 Emerald Star, Star Blaze Leadership, Jr. Leadership Camp, and more... PDF  
September 2005 Group Dynamics, Leaders' Forum, Jr. Leadership Camp, National 4-H Conference, and more... PDF  
May/June 2005 Volunteer of the Year Award, San Diego County Fair Junior Advisory Board Update, 2005-2006 All Stars, Presentation Day 2005, and much more... PDF  
April 2005 Area 4 Field Day, Reading Programs for Children, Cal Range and Natural Resources Camp, Eastern San Diego County Junior Fair, and more. PDF  
March 2005 Arts and Design Day Information, 2004 Scholarships, Golden Clover Awards, and much more... PDF  
January 2005 2005 State Leadership Conference, 4H Fire Recovery Project, Coastal Art & Poetry Contest, 4-H State Leaders Forum, Western Leaders, District Leaders Needed, National Leadership Award and Scholarship, 4-H State Project Competition, Art & Design Day, Ambassadors to Australia, and more... PDF  
November/December 2004 Home Arts Day, Workshops, County Presentation Day, Satellite Seminar, Spotlight on Education, Candy Sale PDF  
October 2004 Citizenship Focus 2005, National 4-H Week, Leaders' Development Opportunities, SD Member Award, SD Leader Recognition, California Hosts Students, Home Arts Planning Meeting, Make It Yourself with Wool, 4-H Golden Clover Awards, Youth Leaders for Literacy, SD 4-H Council Budget, Annual Ag Expo, County Horse Project, 4-H Calendar PDF  
September 2004 Leaders' Council Mission Statement, National 4-H Conference, and much more... PDF  
July/August 2004 4-H Fire Recovery Project, Outstanding Volunteer Awards, SD County Fall Events Calendar, and much more... PDF  
June 2004 West Nile Virus, County Presentation Day Results, 4-H Camping Task Force, Candy Sale Summary, and much more... PDF  
May 2004 4-H State Leadership Conference; Chemo Caps; Animal Science Survey; Home Arts Day; Ramona 4-H Field Day Livestock Entry Form; 4-H Calendar PDF  
April 2004 Round Robin Workshop; Classroom Connection for Kids; S.D. County Fair Update; Advisory Committees; Spotlight on Education; Ramona Jr. Update; Animal Science Survey; San Dieguito Urban Farm Project; 4-H Calendar PDF  
March 2004 County Leaders' Council Nominations; 2004 Scholarships; Keeping Record Books; Ramona Junior Fair Update; Greyhound Adoption Center; Fashion Review and Presentation Night; 4-H Family Night; 4-H Field Day; 2004 State Leadership Conference; 4-H State Ambassador Program; Area 5, 6, 7 Judging Day Results; San Diego County 4-H Calendar PDF  
February 2004 County All Star Selection Process; State Ambassador Program; Leaders' Forum; Ramona Junior Fair Work Party & BBQ; Way to Grow; Junior Grant National Merit Award; Fire Recovery Photo-Monitoring Project; Small Animal Learning Day; Home Arts Day 2004; 4-H Fashion Review; 4-H Calendar PDF  
November/December 2003 California/Washington Focus, Leaders' Council Plans for Aftermath of Firestorm 2003, 2003-04 Enrollment, Super Saturday, Small Stock Advisory Committee, Home Arts Day, Horse Advisory/Classic, 2004 State Fair Rules, Grants/Awards, County Presentation Day, Beekeeping Essay Contest, Holiday Closings, 4-H Office New Address, Exhibitor Information, Quarantine Lifted, Photography Contest, Volunteer Recognition, Calendar PDF  
September 2003 Leaders' Council Mission Statement; 4-H Resources Materials; 2003-2004 County Council Officers; Training for Treasurers; 4-H Office Contacts; Enrollment Hotline; 4-H Club Officer Day; National 4-H Conference; Jr. Leadership Camp; 7th Annual Horse Classic; Message from the County Director; National 4-H Photography Contest; Home Arts Day; State Record Book Results; Youth Expo; Life After Budget Cuts; Horsemanship for the Handicapped; 2003 Record Book Results; Junior Leadership Camp; Map to Camp Featherstone; JLC Application; Youth Medical Treatment Form; 4-H Calendar. PDF  
July/August, 2003 Getting the Word Out About 4-H; 2003-2004 4-H Council Officers; Horse Advisory Update; Olivenhain Valley 4-H; Sectional Record Book Winners; COLGATE Youth Awards; Server Initiative; Youth Expo; Shooting Sports Program; Jr. Leadership Camp; Area 3 Judging Day; San Diego Horse Advisory; Leaders Forum Information; JLC Session Application. PDF  
June, 2003 State Leadership Conference, Way To Grow, Volunteer of the Year, Sectional Presentation Day, Home Arts Festival Winners, County Presentation Day, Record Book Eval Dates, 2003 California 4-H Leaders' Forum, County Fair Volunteers, Awards & Incentives Committee, 4-H Shooting Sports Program, Animal Science Proficiency Committee, County Council Minutes, Spotlight on Education, 4-H Calendar. PDF  
May, 2003 State Leadership Conference, Rocketry at State Leadership,Calfornia 4-H Horse Classic,Looking for a Global Experience?, Project Funding RFP, Area 3 Presentation Day, San Diego County Youth Expo, On the Homefront, Candy Sale Results, SLC Scholarship Application. PDF  
April 2003 Volunteer of the Month; Del Mar Fair; Bring Home the World; County Fair Seeks Horse Project Demonstrations; 4-H Statewide Scholarships And Awards; Hallmark's Museum Kaleidoscope; West Nile Virus; Shooting Sports Leader Training for Shotguns; Volunteer Opportunity; 19th Annual California Range And Natural Resources Camp; Incentives And Recognition Committee; San Diego County 4-H Calendar. PDF  
March 2003 County Leaders Council Nomination;State Ambassador 4-H Survey;San Diego County 4-H Member meets with Secretary of Agriculture;4-H Scholarships;Home Arts Day;4-H Incentives & Recognition Committee;4-H Southern Section Field Day;Spotlight on Education;State Rules for California Fairs. PDF  
February 2003 2003-2005 AllStar Selection;State Ambasssador Program;4-H Resources;Small Animal Learning Day;Ag & Environmental Sciences Field Day;County Presentation Day;Spring Patterns;Japanese Exchange Summer Program. PDF  
January 2003 Leadership opportunities abound in this month's newsletter: Enter your club's community service projects in the Colgate Youth for America campaign; Enroll in the Animal Ambassador Class and earn college credit; Serve on the San Diego County Fair Youth Advisory Committee; Present a workshop at State 4-H Conference; Attend the Teen Involvement Conference, California Focus, or Washington Focus; or Get involved in the California 4-H Japanese Exchange Program. PDF  
November/December 2002 Report from Brittnee Overton of Ramona Paisanos 4-H on Sea World Gardening Day; Club Officers Day was a huge success according to Jean Garner of Rancho Poway 4-H; Check out the record book evaluation results; Mark your calendar for Super Saturday and County Presentation Day dates; and more... PDF  
October 2002 Celebrate 4-H's centennial at Youth Expo in Balboa Park; Important policy information about exhibiting at the fair; County 4-H Leaders' Council projected income and expenditures for the 2002-03 fiscal year; and more... PDF  
September 2002 Welcome back to a new 4-H club year; Who to call at the 4-H Office; Hooray for volunteers; Free resource materials for a wide range of projects; and more... PDF