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CMTY EDUC SUPV 1- Southern California, Job ID 14461

County Locations: Imperial County, Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County

Date Posted: January 11, 2021
Closing Date: February 12, 2021

Regional Focus: Building bridges between counties, managing conflict and providing consistent leadership 

LEADERSHIP AND SUPERVISION: Supervise Community Education Specialist II staff in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Imperial, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties. Conduct Regular Meetings, Performance Management of Staff, Handle Staff Concerns, Handle Agency Concerns, Staff Lesson Observations, Lead and Support Staff, Review/Approve Travel, Purchases and Mileage, Review/Approve Timesheet.  

PROGRAMMATIC LEADERSHIP: Develop Program and staff goals, Track and Report Goals, Conduct Needs Assessments, Train and Mentor Staff, Manage Training Plans for Staff, Develop Program Evaluation Tools. 

BUDEGTING AND ADMINISTRATION: Develop and Manage Budget, Reconcile Ledgers, Insure that the E & R Committee meets annually, Prepare Agency Agreements/MOU, Coordinate Cluster/Unit Program Delivery. Document CASA Outreach and liaison with the ANR Affirmative Action Officer or Title IX Officer for affirmative action and sexual harassment complaints.   

COMMUNITY RELATIONS AND PARTNERSHIPS: Participate in Community meetings, Build Community Relationships, Coordinate Outreach Plans, Respond to Media Requests.  

Follow the 4-H enrollment process and meet payment deadlines established for state 4-H program fees, Approve enrollment deadlines in specific programs and events, Ensure all individual and group enrollments are entered into 4hOnline, Approve any limitations on enrollment. Engage in the setting of local program fees 

MAIN POINT OF CONTACT IN PARTICIPATING COUNTIES FOR POLICY IMPLEMENTATION AND DETERMINATIONS IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS:  Volunteer Appointments, Complaints, New County events, Club chartering, VMO/Council Budgets, Bank Accounts, Financial Reporting, Use Agreements, Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco violations 

This position is a career appointment that is 100% fixed.

To apply; go to: https://careerspub.universityofcalifornia.edu/psp/ucanr/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM.HRS_APP_SCHJOB.GBL?Page=HRS_APP_JBPST&Action=U&FOCUS=Applicant&SiteId=17&JobOpeningId=14461&PostingSeq=

If you are a current employee of our organization please use the following link instead: https://ucpath.universityofcalifornia.edu/peoplesoft-native/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM_EMP.HRS_APP_SCHJOB.GBL?Page=HRS_APP_JBPST&Action=U&SiteId=18&FOCUS=Employee&JobOpeningId=14461&PostingSeq=1

This position will promote, in all ways consistent with the other responsibilities of the position, accomplishment of the Affirmative Action goals established by the Division