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4-H During Times of COVID

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The San Diego County 4-H Youth Development Program provides all children between the ages of 5 and 19 a safe, inclusive and a bias free environment. Youth are guided and mentored by adult certified 4-H leaders. Youth learn life skills through hands on experiential learning.

The Covid-19 pandemic challenged our 4-H program to create new ways to continue to move forward while keeping our members engaged. Our 15 clubs held virtual meeting and events. We also created a website that offered games that were created with content provided by various project leaders.

Community Service Projects are offered by all of our county clubs. Some clubs donated food to various food banks, one club made toys for a local cat shelter and another club has virtual Story Time Project, older youth read stories to young children.

The 4-H program has a countywide Community Service Advisory Committee the chairpersons for the committee are two 4-H Teen Leaders. These two leaders created an event where 300 Valentine's Cards were made by club members and were delivered to senior centers. Another event is being planned to thank first responders.

The San Diego 4-H program will be moving forward with 3 important events: Presentation Day, Fashion Review, and Art and Design Day. They will be virtual events and we are collaborating with Imperial County 4-H Program. These 3 events present opportunities for youth to compete for pins and ribbons in non-animal projects such as sewing, wood working jewelry making, science, arts and crafts, technology and public speaking.

To learn more about the program or to register your child for 4-H youth leadership opportunities visit the San Diego 4-H website here.  



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