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Garden and Home Pest Control

Master Gardeners - Common questions pertaining to home gardening.

Home Gardens and Landscapes Education & Outreach - Common questions pertaining to horticulture and pest management (residential) information to county residents who grow edible and ornamental plants for their personal use.

Natural Resources

Invasive Plants - Common questions pertaining to non-native plants in California's wildlands.

Invasive Tree Pests Education and Outreach - Common questions pertaining to invasive tree insects and diseases in our urban and natural forests.

Wildfire Education & Outreach - Common questions pertaining to wildfires and fire-related topics.

Vertebrate Pest Management - Common questions pertaining to agricultural vertebrate pest control including pesticide application and humane trapping practices of wildlife in the state of California.

Nutrition, Family & Consumer Science

Expanded Food Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) - Common questions pertaining to opportunities for families, individuals, and youth to enhance their quality of living by providing resources that support independence and self-sufficiency.

Commercial Agriculture

Avocado, Citrus, Subtropical & Deciduous Fruit - Common questions pertaining to subtropical horticulture.

Small Farms & Agriculture Economics 
- Common questions pertaining to business & risk management education, new crop development & evaluation, and marketing information for small farmers and new growers.

Floriculture, Nursery Crops & Pest Management 
- Common questions pertaining to ornamental horticulture including greenhouse and nursery, floriculture and foliage production, Integrated Pest Management and Invasive Pests.

Commercial Integrated Pest Management - Common questions pertaining to developing integrated pest management programs in commercial production, plant maintenance, school IPM for insects, weeds, vertebrate pests. Questions about home gardening, home landscaping and pest in and around private homes should be directed to the UC Master Gardeners.

Water Quality and Irrigation Management - Common questions pertaining to watershed research, urban and agricultural water quantity, and quality issues.

Weed Management - Common questions about managing weeds in agricultural crops, commercial turf and landscapes, and ornamental production.

4-H Youth Development

4-H Youth Development - Common questions pertaining to activities, youth-adult partnerships, and research-based educational programs to help young people discover and develop their full potential!