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San Diego Agricultural Growers Needs Assessment


Local farming is an integral component of sustainable food systems; however, changes in food production markets, industry, natural resource and social environments and regulations may influence farmers and the local agricultural economy from year to year. Taking steps, which address growers’ specific needs, wants and interests for their farm is critical to strengthening the sustainability of San Diego farming and future food security.

The University of California Cooperative Extension San Diego conducted a research study via an assessment survey during Summer 2018, inclusive to all farmers regardless of age, length of time farming, acreages farmed, etc. This needs assessment provides current data for consideration and strategic communications as policy, business and training education programs are planned, developed and or accessed by public and private stakeholders.

Primary benefits of this project include:

  • Gain a current snapshot of the types, changes, challenges, motivations and benefits of farming in San Diego County.

  • Gain a clearer understanding of any gaps in communication within and to the farm industry community in San Diego County.

  • Develop a comprehensive and current resource to help UCCE-San Diego, schools and other educational and outreach organizations to develop programs that will best meet the needs of the farmers and agriculture industry in San Diego County.

The project summary and survey findings reports are now available, here. If you have questions or comments about this project, contact:

Ramiro Lobo, UCCE Advisor, relobo@ucanr.edu. or

Jan Gonzales, UCCE Project Coordinator, jggonzales@ucanr.edu